Michelle Lipson Woodworking


Person Training for Woodworkers

Have you been curious about taking a woodworking class before? Interested in beefing up some of your skills or learning how to make things a bit more refined?

Private instruction is different than taking a class. It’s the difference between working with a personal trainer or taking a yoga class at a gym. With a class you may go through the motions but you don’t always get the individual attention you need to really excel.

With personalized instruction we focus precisely on your goals at your skill level. I offer individual training at my professional studio in Port Richmond, Philadelphia, or I can come to your home shop.

I teach one on one lessons to people of varying skill levels. I offer the options of private hourly instruction or three different packages. I’m as flexible as possible with my hours to work around your schedule be it daytime or evening.

The package options include:
The 10 week session — 2 hours each session
The 8 hr project — Two 4 hour sessions
The 6 hour skill building session — A single day intensive studio class

Life so short, the craft so long to learn. -Geoffery Chaucer