Hi there! I’m Michelle.

I want to give you a little history to explain my teaching philosophy.

I’ve been around Philly since ‘96 when I moved back from Mexico. Just out of school, I had been working with an amazing family-run non-profit, building strawbale houses, the Canelo Project. That time really shaped how I think about our built environment. Tiny houses were built by many hands and community was very present.

When I landed in Philly, I lucked into 3+ years of apprenticeship with some old school furniture makers, Jack Larimore and Bob Ingram. And so started my career of making high end custom furniture. I had/ have great clients, but perhaps too much artistic license for my perfectionist nature.

About 6 years ago I started teaching private lessons at a student’s home shop and soon after ended up with a teaching gig in Brooklyn. I loved it!

Fast forward through a summer of drastic change and here we are. New shop, new website, new focus- teaching you the way I learned, jumping right in.

I’ve been working hard at designing these classes to be fun and informative. I’m happy to share what I’ve learned. Just keep coming back and practicing. More classes are in the works and I’ll be inviting my talented friends and colleagues to teach here in the coming months. Stay tuned and please come hang!!